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E-Book Renewable Energy Management System (R-EMS)

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Erik Tridianto, S.T., M.T.
viii, 43 hlm
Tahun Terbit

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E-Book Renewable Energy Management System (R-EMS)

As economic sectors and population have grown fast, electricity is continually demanded. To meet the demand, electrical energy is needed in various types of a power station. In Indonesia, the type of station of electrical energy that is mostly planted is power station with coal fuel. As coal is widely explored, the coal will always be demanded.

For now, Indonesia runs out of fossil energy sources such as petroleum, gas, and coal. According to the calculation of average production, it is assumed that in 24 next years, petroleum will run out. In addition, gas source will survive about 59 years and coal source will survive about 93 years [2]. The scarcity of the source of fossil energies can be handled with renewable energy and environmentally friendly alternative energy sources.

REMS generates electricity through renewable energy resources and PLN at the same time. This system employs control automatic based monitoring value power. By employing the power, the energy produced by renewable energy resource are highly prioritized. This system is mounted on several renewable energies with a base of the magnetic field inflicted by the current. This system has sensors that are aimed to perceive magnitude of voltage. Current in this system is maintained by microcontroller. Moreover, battery is used to save the electricity when the storage power is not active. The battery is also used as backup system.

Through its control and managements, RESM is a system that is expected to lower the cost of any load in the households in the future. As it can lower the spending, the system will become another way to tackle government’s electricity problems.

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