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Buku Introduction To Communication Philosophical In Main Community Policy

Penulis Hefri Yodiansyah, S.Sos.,M.I.Kom.

Nanik Yuzalmi, S.E., M.M.

Institusi STISIP Persada Bunda
Kategori Buku Referensi
Bidang Ilmu Komunikasi
ISBN 978-623-02-0253-7
Ukuran 17.5×25 cm

xviii, 442 hlm

Harga Rp 235.000
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Tahun  2019


Rp 235.000

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Sinopsis Buku Introduction To Communication Philosophical In Main Community Policy

Buku Introduction To Communication Philosophical In Main Community Policy |

The reputation ratings influence behavior of humans organization and potential customers. Should it make me feel when I check my app and my rating has crept up, what does it mean for Uber when I rate one of their drivers after a trip Reputation Ratings Influence Behavior of humans organization and Reputation Ratings Influence Behavior of potential audience.

Star ratings are a central design feature at the core of many digital products. They are relied on to ensure quality, drive decision-making, provide feedback and much more. They also directly impact how we interact with each other, particularly with the phenomenal rise of the platform and peer-to-peer business models, where the rating center of power shifts from a small number of experts (e.g., movie critic reviews) to the masses. They influence the behavior of humans both at the giving and receiving ends of the process. They form an integral data set upon which organizations, from lone-wolf startups to linguistict social, communication science in trands and practece act example, the companies, base critical business, and design decisions. And—in the monumental quest for user convenience—they are determined within a split second and sealed with a single humans organization and potential audiences.

A with peer reviews and recommendations at the heart of its model. Trustpilot offers users a measure of authenticity and aims to build trust between an organization and potential audiences. What happens to our judgment faculty when we’re conditioned almost daily to base multiple snap decisions on a scale of one to five? Is this an optimal way to provide our feedback without interrupting our lives, or is it just an opportunity for organizations to exploit this feature for their own benefit? Who should govern this and how? “Organizations should self-govern how they use a five-star rating feature, and for this, the designer needs to play a key role.”

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