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Buku Theoretical Approaches to Tefl

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Sinopsis Buku Theoretical Approaches to Tefl

Buku Theoretical Approaches to Tefl

English proficiency is one of the highest priorities in the Indonesian curriculum, both in schools and in higher education, and this book has several features that offer particular help to teachers of English as a second or foreign language.

Teachers will especially appreciate the many lists of practical ideas that help them prepare lessons. Hopefully, teachers will use them often to improve their lessons and their strategies to engage and motivate their students. Each chapter also has a theory section, and teachers should read them carefully because they also need to appreciate the reasons for particular techniques.

Besides teachers’ personal reading, teachers in training should find this book helpful for particular skills. Schools should also find particular chapters helpful for structured professional development for experienced teachers.

Most chapters address the teaching of English, but they are also relevant across the curriculum and help teachers to improve the overall quality of teaching and learning. The first is to the way in which they encourage teachers to foster creativity and confidence in students. The second is the approach to reading and writing, which affects almost every subject in the curriculum and is essential to student success at every academic level. Other topics affecting the wider curriculum include the use of the taxonomy, correction, music, internet resources, and testing.

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