Novel Three Words Left Unsaid

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Sinopsis Novel Three Words Left Unsaid

Novel Three Words Left Unsaid |

Rainy days were always the best.

Not because it matched my constant gloomy mood, but because it would mean that the neighborhood kids won’t come outside to play.

I had always envied them. For being so happy and free, for being able to enjoy their lives. And I couldn’t. I could only watch them play from this tiny, broken window in my attic. I could only observe their smiles and laughs, hoping it could be contagious enough to influence me, to no avail. I wanted to come down and ask them, one by one, about how to make friends, how to socialize, how to be someone else’s friend…

I was small enough to sneak out from the window by the kitchen and not be seen. I could join the kids, but I never did. I had tried it once, and ended up scaring all of them away. Only one girl remained in her position, staying in the exact same spot she had been standing for the past few minutes. She was about my age, probably seven or eight. I didn’t know how I could be that courageous that day to ask her about how to be happy in life, but she answered me anyway.
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