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E-Book Behaviour Buddies Series Respectful Rosie

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Jennifer Thomas
19 hlm
Tahun Terbit

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E-Book Behaviour Buddies Series Respectful Rosie

Get ready to meet Rosie, a compassionate student with a taste for kindness, in this heartwarming tale written by children for children. Join Rosie and her classmates as they embark on a cultural exchange through food. When Max and Mick make hurtful comments about Sarang’s Korean lunchbox, Rosie takes it upon herself to teach them an important lesson about acceptance and respect. With a sprinkle of empathy and understanding, Rosie’s actions spark a transformation in her friends, leading to newfound appreciation for diverse cultures. Through sincere apologies and a shared culinary adventure, Rosie, Max, and Mick learn the true recipe for friendship and inclusivity. This delighiful story, brought to life with colorful ilustrations, encourages young readers to celebrate differences and embrace kindness in their own classrooms and communities.

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