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E-Book Behaviour Buddies Series Empathetic Elly

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Kirant Zanetta Rifani
14 hlm
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E-Book Behaviour Buddies Series Empathetic Elly

Step into the world of Elly, a kind-hearted young girl who discovers the power of empathy. In this heartwarming tale written by children for children, Elly and her sister Ellen navigate the ups and downs of a school day filed with joy and unexpected challenges. When Elly’s best friend Rosie gets hurt, Elly’s empathetic nature shines through as she comforts Rosie and seeks help. Along the way, Elly learns about the importance of understanding others’ feelings and the positive impact it can have on those around her.

Join Elly as she embraces empathy, spreads kindness, and discovers the true meaning of compassion. With delightful illustrations, this book encourages young readers to cultivate empathy and create a world filled with empathy, one small act at a time.

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