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E-Book Behaviour Buddies Series Ethical Elsie

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E-Book Behaviour Buddies Series Ethical Elsie

Step into the world of Ethical Elsie, a kind-hearted and clever owl, in this delightful tale written by children for children. Join Elsie and her friends, Sara the Capybara and Willie the Weasel, as they navigate the joys and challenges of school life. When a beloved teddy bear goes missing, Elsie’s ethical nature shines through as she helps Willie find his treasured toy. With gentle guidance and empathy, Elsie teaches the importance of respecting others’ belongings and the power of doing what is right.

Through friendship and ethical choices, Elsie and her friends learn valuable lessons that deepen their bond and make their daya at school even more special. This heartwarming story, accompanied by captivating illustrations, encourages young readers to embrace kindness, empathy, and ethical behaviour in their own lives.

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