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E-Book Business Strategy 5.0

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Dr. Agus Mulyana, M.M., dan Prof. Dr. Ir. Nandan Limakrisna, M.M.
vviii, 146 hlm
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E-Book Business Strategy 5.0

This Business Strategy 5.0 book is accompanied by rapid environmental changes, namely the Covid-19 pandemic when this book was written, as well as very rapid changes in science and technology by utilizing digital technology for all sectors of life, human beings, both in the business sector, government, and even other social sectors. Business Strategy 5.0 is a strategy in formulating product design, pricing, distribution planning, and integrated marketing communications to create shared value for interested parties, both internally and externally by utilizing the synergy between human capital and digital technology. Discussion of Business Strategy 5.0 begins with the MARCs Model and Hybrid Business Model 5.0 namely a business strategy model that prioritizes five important elements, namely the market which is the key to digital technology, access which is the key to creating shared value, resources which is the key to supply chain management, skills which is the key to CICIS, and control which is the key to monitoring and evaluation. This book is very useful for business people, and academics, including lecturers and students.

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