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E-Book Communication Patterns Of Speech Communities

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Ainul Yakin, M.Pd., CHE.
viii, 56 hlm
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E-Book Communication Patterns Of Speech Communities

The ability to communicate is one of the gifts given by God to mankind so that humans can understand, understand and be able to convey what is their intention, purpose, and desire. In the process of communication, there is a transition of communication that occurs naturally between speakers and speech partners or it is known as Turn-Taking. In the pattern of changing the role, the speech change is not officially regulated but there are norms that have been known together between speakers and speech partners. In Turn-Taking there is a part called Adjacency Pairs. In contrast to Turn-Taking whose focal point is only on the evaluation of speech and the accuracy of speech, Adjacency Pairs focuses on the first pair’s statement which is then responded to by the second pair, which is formed by different speakers and then sorted into first and second.

This Communication Patterns of Speech Communities book unveils the communication patterns commonly found in speech communities. Comprised of four segments, this book comprehensively discusses Adjacency Pairs in Turn-Taking, how to identify the concept of Adjacency Pairs, how to determine Turn-Taking in Adjacency Pairs, as well as how to implement the Adjacency Pairs.

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