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E-Book English For Digital Marketing

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Sri Waluyo, S.Pd., M.Pd. dan Fatimah Nur Arifah, S.Kom., M.Kom.
viii, 55 hlm
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E-Book English For Digital Marketing

This textbook is arranged to enrich and add reference for teachers, lecturers, students, and wider community as an attempt to assist them in improving their knowledge related to digital marketing using English. By using this textbook, readers are expected to be familiar with terminologies used in digital marketing world. The material and content available in this textbook are compiled from various sources of books and articles related to digital marketing.

This textbook consists of 11 chapter namely Digital Marketing in Brief, Evolution of Digital Marketing, Advantages of Digital Marketing, Disadvantages of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing, Types of Digital Marketers (Part 1), Types of Digital Marketers (Part 2), Digital Marketing Content, Types of Digital Marketing Content, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Final Project.

This textbook emphasizes on reading comprehension, but is also completed with exercises that integrate reading skill with other skills such as writing and speaking. In addition, this textbook also provides collaborative learning exercises that urge learners to practice digital marketing based on the real-world setting.

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