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E-Book English For Tourism Industries

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Dr. Drs.Nehru Pasoloran Pongsapan, M.Pd
xii, 88 hlm
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E-Book English For Tourism Industries

Tourism is a leading sector for generating foreign exchange in many countries, both developed and developing, including Indonesia. Based on tourist arrival data to Indonesia, there has not been a significant increase from year to year. However, Indonesia’s cultural and natural attractions are no less attractive compared to those of other countries in the world. Tourists who visit Indonesia for various purposes will certainly need information about the places they visit. Therefore, tourism industry players in Indonesia must be at the forefront in providing the necessary information to tourists. They must continuously equip themselves with communication skills in English. This book focuses on discovering the empowerment in this field.

This English for Tourism Industries book aims to produce a model for improving English communication skills for tourism industry players in Indonesia, which further leads to the increase of the volume of tourist visits to Indonesia.

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