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E-Book English Speed Reading for University Learners

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Dr. Masda Surti Simatupang, S.Pd., M.Hum.
xviii, 129 hlm
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E-Book English Speed Reading for University Learners

This book is designed to help university students whose native language is not English. Hence, they need to increase their reading rate and gain more comprehension when reading English texts. The purpose is to equip university students with the speed reading techniques available in this book. It is expected that they can read the English texts faster than their previous reading rate, and at the same time, they can comprehend the texts they read. This book is appropriate as a textbook for teaching a reading class for the first or second semester. It provides appropriate comprehension exercises for students who have passed Reading Comprehension 1 or the first reading course. Furthermore, it can guide students to study independently without the lecturer’s assistance.

The book consists of fourteen sessions; every session describes one speed reading technique and some reading exercises including an introduction to speed reading, pacing, SQ3R, introduction to the five-step reading system, independent reading, eye movements, reading sprints, skimming and scanning, expanding and developing vocabulary, enhancing concentration, increasing memory, and power reading and annotation, improving vocabulary, and improving concentration and increasing memory. This book also provides reading progress records for students to know their reading skill progress.

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