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E-Book Furtive Notions

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Purwanti Kusumaningtyas, dkk
viii, 237 hlm
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E-Book Furtive Notions

People respond the unfairness of life in various ways. Their journeys to go through bitterness to reach revelation can be long and winding. The ups and downs of the rocky steepy slippery roads and paths to what the individuals become after the life’s storms are often hard to tell. Moans, groans, and even curses that used to be stored in ones’ diary entries to release the pains turn up to be poetic pieces of work. The unsaid becomes spoken out, the hidden is come out. Different experiences that people can have are shared from various perspectives. Openness and obscurity collide in their unique ways in poetry.

Poetry has been known as an effective media for expressing people’s thoughts, feelings, and concerns. It becomes a means of releasing what the poets cannot say overtly. It can give adventurous journeys to the unexpected moments as the readers follow the words and unleash their imagination.

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