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E-Book Human Resource Development for Small and Medium Enterprise

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Deden Komar Priatna, Jusdijachlan dan Susan Ridwan
x, 172 hlm
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E-Book Human Resource Development for Small and Medium Enterprise

The English version of the HRM book provides a distinct perspective on HRM, as it encompasses both theoretical and practical viewpoints. From a theoretical standpoint, HRM involves the effective and efficient management of relationships and roles within the workforce to attain organizational objectives. On the other hand, the practical application of HRM focuses on maximizing the potential of existing human resources within an organization to accomplish shared goals. Essentially, HRM encompasses the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of various aspects of employment, including recruitment, development, compensation, integration, and termination, all with the aim of achieving individual, organizational, and societal targets. In essence, HRM entails the strategic management of human resources with the ultimate objective of attaining desired outcomes. The significance of Human Resource Management cannot be overlooked in the context of organizational success.

This topic has garnered considerable attention from various authors who acknowledge the pivotal role HR plays in the prosperity of both commercial and charitable ventures. With a focus on these interests, one author undertook the task of developing a comprehensive guide. This guide aims to cater to the needs of business professionals seeking to enhance their HR skills, as well as academics who wish to utilize it for research, education, and community service related to HR management. During the writing process of this book, the researchers received a multitude of aid in both tangible and intangible forms, for which they express deep gratitude. They wholeheartedly welcome constructive criticism and recommendations for enhancing the substance of this book, as they acknowledge its existing shortcomings. By addressing and rectifying these shortcomings, they aim to create a more refined and superior work for subsequent editions. Consequently, they firmly believe that this Human Resource Management book will serve as a wellspring of inspiration for its readers.

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