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E-Book Islamophobia and Hate Speech in the US Political Discourse

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Mohsin Hassan Khan, Ph.D.
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E-Book Islamophobia and Hate Speech in the US Political Discourse

This ISLAMOPHOBIA AND HATE SPEECH IN THE US POLITICAL DISCOURSE is comprised of eight chapters: Chapter One introduces the subject, encompassing the background, problem statement, research objectives, research questions, study significance, scope, and operational definitions of key terms. Chapter Two is titled “The History of Muslims in the US: Pre-9/11, Post-9/11 Global, and US Perceptions”, covering the historical trajectory of Muslims in the United States, the impact of 9/11, the portrayal of Muslims both in the US and worldwide post-9/11, as well as the intersections of Islam and racism. Chapter Three explores several theories relevant to the current study, including Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, various frameworks within CDA, Political Discourse Analysis, the Theory of Ideology, the Ideological Square, and Edward Said’s Orientalism. The latter part of this chapter introduces an analytical framework tailored to the context of the current study. Chapter Four delves into the Methodology notes, encompassing research design, practical implementation of qualitative research, considerations for corpus and sampling, procedures for data collection, details about the utilized instrument, self-reflexivity, the researcher’s role, and the discussion of reliability and validity within qualitative research. Chapter Five is dedicated to analyzing Hillary Clinton’s Speeches, examining the sampled speeches using CDA and NVivo 12 software. In Chapter Six, the Analysis of Donald Trump’s Speeches is discussed, encompassing the analysis of the sampled speeches through CDA and NVivo 12 software. Chapter Seven focuses on Islamophobia and Hate speech in US politics, followed by the presentation of significant findings derived from the analyzed campaign speeches of Clinton and Trump. Chapter Eight explores a comparison between the speeches of Clinton and Trump and delves into the book’s concluding remarks and implications.

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