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E-Book Orientation Of Scientist Formation

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Prof. Dr. Istiningsih, M.Pd., Dr. Mohamad Agung Rokhimawan, M.Pd. Dr. Sintha Sih Dewanti, M.Pd.Si., Prof. Sumaryanto, M.Kes., AIFO., dan Aulia Himmawati
vi, 54 hlm
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E-Book Orientation Of Scientist Formation

Curriculum is very important to determine the orientation of education. To create graduates who are proficient and ready to face challenges around the world, the curriculum must be well-designed and in line with the needs of the times. Therefore, to ensure that the college curriculum is relevant and applicable in the world of work, its development must involve industry and alumni. The goals and principles that the education system aims to achieve are called the orientation of education.

Furthermore, this book is more than a collection of articles; it is a collection of experiences, knowledge, and ideas shared by leading experts, educators, and thinkers involved in setting today’s education standards. The book involves various aspects of learning, technology, and skills, and is a thorough guide to understanding and implementing education in these difficult times.

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