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E-Book Research Methods for Business and Social

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Deden Komar Priatna, dkk
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E-Book Research Methods for Business and Social

Currently, in Indonesia, research activities are still very minimal compared to Malaysia, for example, which produces international standard research up to 10,000 studies each year. Many of our bachelor, master and doctoral students in Indonesia still experience difficulties in writing undergraduate thesis, postgraduate thesis, and dissertations. The difficulties that occur are mainly in finding research problems, choosing research topics, formulating problems, determining research objectives, forming research models, determining various methods to be used, namely efficient data collection methods (sampling techniques), methods of analysis and hypothesis testing including making estimates/forecast intervals as well as drawing conclusions followed by giving advice.
This book can assist business people, consultants, students in compiling research proposals and conducting research for the preparation of thesis and dissertations, but is more specifically for the Bachelor of Economics and Master of Management Study Programs. This book consists of chapters on making scientific research reports. Therefore, it is advisable for instructors of research methodology in the Bachelor of Economics and Masters of Management to have this book, as well as for students to use it as a guide for preparing thesis and dissertation.

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