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E-Book Teaching Material Influence and Negotiation

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leonnard, S.E., M.Comm., CDM
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E-Book Teaching Material Influence and Negotiation

The aims of Influence and Negotiation are to obtain an effective method of interpersonal influence and persuasion, a focused system of verbal messages, accurate guidance in making language, more logical, and more effective. Also, able to formulate, modify and synthesize the central role of culture in aspects of interpersonal communication, the ability to listen actively through cultural and gender roles, able to influence individuals and organizations, including strategies and tactics in negotiations with special situations.

Methodology for Influence and Negotiation includes several methodologies such as real case studies, discussion the latest issues and topic in business, politics and society are introduced in every class, describing the complexity of the current situation, sharpening a systematic response. Podcast conversation is the task of displaying data and facts with current issues. Arranged in a systematic manner with the main objective of providing attitudes and knowledge to influence the target audience individually or in group digitally, and simultaneously. Criticism of article journal assignment to show depth, understanding of anatomy and posture of academic work so that they are able and sharp to carry out assessment and analyses to provide feedback. The assignments are designed to show demonstrations and verbal language formulations that are communicated with current topics in podcast digital format, the final output increases the perceptions of the topic and also persuades, influences with demographics, cultural, gender differences locally and internationally and facilitating will be carried out with combination of two streams of communication offline and online (synchronously and asynchronously), high interaction in each communication path with a predetermined path and a combination of scenario classes.

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