Universitas Komputer Indonesia (UNIKOM)


Indonesia University of Computer (UNIKOM) was established officially on Tuesday, 8 August 2000 based on the decree of Minister of National Education number 126/D/0/2000.

In its early establishment in July 1994, it was named Lembaga Pendidikan Komputer Indonesia Jerman (LPKIG) and was located on Jl. Dipati Ukur 102 Bandung. It had one class accommodating 50 students and one computer laboratory consisted of 25 computers. This institution held one year education program with five course programs: Computer Expert in Business Application, Computer Expert in Finance and Banking, Computer Expert in Tax and Accounting, Computer Expert in Marketing and Management, and Executive Secretary. The first year students were 233.

In the second year, 1995, this institution held three year education program to serve the first year student’s enthusiasm who wanted to broaden their knowledge, other than the long term program to improve the institution. Within the same year, the institution held new course programs; Computer Expert in Informatics Engineering, Computer Expert in Informatics Management, and Executive Secretary. The classroom was now two and the computer laboratories as well. The number of students was 457.

In its third year, 1996, new buildings were established on Jl. Dipati Ukur 116 (now it is the building of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences) and the administration and office assignments were removed to this building. In this new building, one computer laboratory, five classrooms, lecturer room, and student rooms were added. The number of students in 1996 was 632, and in 1998 was 1198.

In the fifth year, six storey building was constructed on Jl. Dipati Ukur 114. The construction had been accomplished on August so that it was ready for the college starting date on September 1999.

Highlighting the dynamics enthusiasm of the students and the future institutional improvement as well, this institution established Yayasan Science dan Teknologi after which the establishment proposal of STMIK IGI and STIE IGI was submitted to DIKTI (Higher Education Directorate).

In July 1999, STIE IGI with its five course programs was officially established by the decree of National Education Minister no.119/D/O/1999. The programs were: Accountancy S1, Management S1, Marketing Management D3, Banking and Finance D3, and Accountancy D3.

On August 1999, The Minister of National Education with its decree no.143/D/O/1999 officially announced the founding of STIMIK IGI with five course programs: Informatics Engineering S1, Informatics Management D3, Computer Engineering D3, Accountancy Computerization D3, and Informatics Engineering D3.

In the following six months, in order to create an efficient, effective and productive educational system with better organizational structure, the foundation proposed a merger for both colleges to be a University.

On Tuesday, August 8th 2000, through the decree no 126/D/O/2000, the Minister of National Education announced officially the founding of Indonesia University of Computer, abbreviated UNIKOM. The decree’s content also allowed eleven course programs to establish, they were: Computer Engineering S1, Informatics Management S1, Industrial Engineering S1, Architecture Engineering S1, Regional and City Plan S1, Law S1, Communication S1, Political Science S1, Interior Design D3, Visual Communication Design S1, Visual Communication Design D3. Since its establishment in 2000, UNIKOM admits more or less 2000 new students annually. In 2009, the students admitted were 3.108. To the academic year 2009/2010,Unikom has six faculties and 23 course programs with 15.000 students originated from various regions.

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